Would-be entrepreneurs warm up for Pythons’ Pit

Find the news in detail about the amazing  Pythons’ Pit Entrepreneur Challenge


How do Young Entrepreneurs Reach the Prize That Drives Their Dreams Into Reality?

It was simple. Eleven dynamic entrepreneurs pre-pitched to 6 volunteer mentors to assure themselves that they could complete for $150,000 when they register for The Pythons’ Pit which will happen on March 23rd, 2013.

Donna Messer invited active, enthusiastic entrepreneurs from Halton to help celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week by participating in a Canadian Mentorship Challenge Event.

Meet the “Pitchers”.  They responded, dug in and they pitched!

  • Dean Correia
  • Lina Demedeiro.
  • Hailey DeSantis
  • Grant Donnelly
  • Kristy Elik
  • Lynne Everatt
  • Diana Iaquinto
  • Tolu Oluntunfese
  • Amal Soliman
  • Eric William

As the Moderator for The World’s Largest Business Mentoring Event for Entrepreneurs and Innovators at Ontario Centres of Excellence, Discovery 2012 conference, Messer recognizes the importance of mentoring.

The pitchers were on site November 15th, 2012 from 9:00 a.m. – noon at E Spot, owned by Grace Attard.

Messer is a Rotarian and a Mentor with the initiative called The Pythons’ Pit. www.PythonsPit.ca This is a partnership between the Rotary Clubs of Halton and McMaster University’s DeGroote School of Business. The purpose of the initiative is to give creative, entrepreneurial residents and high school students of Halton an opportunity to pitch their innovative business ideas or products to the Pythons. There is an investment pool of more than $150,000 that will be up for grabs during the competition.

Messer gave this group of pre-pitchers an opportunity to experience what it will be like when they actually move forward and pitch the Pythons.  “It is by hosting this event that we could walk potential participants through the paces of what they will face in the Pit,” said Messer.

By participating in this event, the attendees learned:

  • How to leverage mentorship to accelerate their business
  • To develop a 1-minute Mentor Pitch
  • To understand the key mistakes many entrepreneurs make in pursuing investment
  • To meet with mentors who will help tighten up their business plan
  • To become part of a community committed to helping you survive the entrepreneurial jungle

Participants left the event with a better understanding of what they will need to catch the Pythons’ attention.  The Mentors volunteered to share their expertise, and to help each participant maximize their pitch.

Meet the Mentors:

  • Grace Attard
  • Rob Dundas
  • Baboo Kureemun
  • Donna Messer
  • Jeremy O’Krafka
  • Tina Turner

“We want to support and encourage participation in the Canadian Mentorship Challenge because if will help raise awareness for the Pythons’ Pit and the financial opportunities for entrepreneurs in Halton.” said Rotarian Fareen Samji, one of the organizers of The Pythons’ Pit.


Some of the quotes from the “pitchers” are below:

Thank you for hosting this event and providing such crucial feedback for all of us today.  It was a valuable learning experience sharing our ideas and having feedback provided. The opportunity to meet a room full of very unique, creative and inspirational people was an added value!  Diana Iaquinto

Thanks to everyone involved with this morning. I found it very beneficial and thoroughly enjoying making new connections. Dean Correia

It was a great opportunity to pitch an idea to unknowns to see their reaction. I need to find the right mentors in the team. Grant Donnelly

Thank you so much for including me, the event has opened quite a few doors for me. , I look forward to polishing my pitch for the Pythons. Lynne Everatt

Thank you so much! I really appreciate all the feedback and connections, I received and I am very grateful for meeting all the Mentors today. Hailey DeSantis

Today was just amazing; I can’t believe how valuable it was for me. Thank you for the opportunity. It was a great experience. Amal Soliman

Thank you for inviting me today I really need some help with my business plan. Lina Demedeiro

Would you like to participate? Apply here.

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